2021 Events

08/11 at Third Place Books: I’ll be interviewing Brian Evenson for his fantastic new collection. Online.

07/23 at Comic-Con: Orbit New Voice in SF&F panel. San Diego / online. [Recording here.]

2021 News

06/29: The Body Scout reviewed in Kirkus: “a weird and hopefully not prescient techno-thriller… one part William Gibson, one part Cory Doctorow… It’s a dizzying world but catnip for cyberpunk fans.”

02/19: I interviewed Swedish author Karin Tidbeck about speculative fiction and their wild new novel.

02/11: I started a substack to blog about fiction craft and weird books. Subscribe?

02/02: Cover reveal and excerpt of my forthcoming novel, The Body Scout, at Lit Hub. 

01/12: I interviewed George Saunders about writing and reading in turbulent times.

2020 News

12/30: Final flash fiction of 2020: “Tawny” at Post Road

11/19: A new flash fiction fable at No Contact magazine: “Don’s Volcano”

10/23: I have a new short story up at The Baffler called “Red Oil.”

10/22: More raves for Tiny Nightmares from the New York Times and Tor!

10/05: Another rave for Tiny Nightmares from Library Journal: “A better entry into the world of horror as it stands today would be hard to find.”

09/24: Booklist gives Tiny Nightmares a star! “42 authors of both horror and literary fiction surprise, scare, and confound in this outstanding anthology… Highly recommended for all fiction collections.”

09/17: For Lit Hub, I wrote about realism, SFF, and rethinking the spectrum of fictional realities.

08/31: I have a new novel coming out next year! (More info here.)

08/11: I interviewed Elisa Gabbert for BOMB.

07/29: Kirkus gives Tiny Nightmares a rave review: “exquisitely crafted fragments of horror…fans of innovative horror films like Get Out and Us will have a blast.”

05/29: PW gives Tiny Nightmares a starred review! “Masterful . . . This carefully crafted and genuinely scary collection is sure to impress.”

05/13: I wrote about how George Saunders’s fiction predicted all this.

04/22: A new short story in Granta: “The Smart House of Mrs O

04/22: The Believer rounded up writers on why they keep reading.

04/14: Interested in writing speculative fiction? I have a new class up at Skillshare.

03/30: I wrote about beautiful novels where things disappear for Crime Reads.

1/31: A nice write-up of Tiny Crimes at Kirkus.

1/21: I wrote about Anna Wiener’s Uncanny Valley and the uncanniness of Silicon Valley.

2019 Events

09/22 at Brooklyn Book Festival: Active Imagination panel with Robert Lopez, Shira Erlichman, Jason Starr, and Mahogany Browne. Brooklyn, NY

04/09 at Rough Draft Bar & Books: Reading for the Rough Draft Writer’s Retreat series. Kingston, NY

03/24 at Karma: I’m reading for Reading at Karma. New York, NY

2019 News

12/23: BOMB has a great round-up of writers (including me) looking back at the last decade in literature.

12/18: At Frieze, I took a look back at a decade where everything was fictionalized.

10/30: For Halloween, a mash-up of Invisible Cities and Dracula at Juked.

10/24: A new craft essay up at Lit Hub about using different elements to power fiction.

09/22: An interview with Rion Amilcar Scott in the new print issue of Bomb. 

08/13: I interviewed Kimberly King Parsons for her fantastic debut Black Light.

05/22: Very excited to announce that Tiny Crimes has been named a 2018 Shirley Jackson Award nominee for best Edited Anthology.

05/20: New science fiction story, “Either Otto,” in Epiphany. 

04/22: I wrote about insane ideas that made brilliant books.

04/09: I’m reading at Rough Draft Bar & Books in Kingston, NY.

04/04: A weird space opera short story up at Motherboard.

03/24: I’m reading at Karma Bookstore.

03/04: An interview with Mark Doten about memes, Trump, and the end of the world.

02/12: I have a poem in the new issue of Strange Horizons.

01/17: I review the (very good) Samanta Schweblin story collection.

2018 Events

10/25 at NYUWashington Square Review launch party with Cynthia Cruz and Marwa Helal. New York, NY.

07/31 at Melville’s Arrowhead. Closing reading for The Mastheads. with Jean Ho, Jenna Lyles, Matthew Kramer, and Adrienne Raphel. Pittsfield, MA.

07/24 at Newtonville BooksTiny Crimes Boston launch with Laura van den Berg. Newton, MA.

07/01 at Hotel on North. Kick-off reading for The Mastheads residency with Jean Ho, Jenna Lyles, Matthew Kramer, and Adrienne Raphel. Pittsfield, MA.

06/05 at Housingworks. Tiny Crimes launch party! New York, NY.

03/09 at AWP. Alternating Current Press offsite reading. Tampa, FL.

02/08 at Stony Brook University. Reading. New York, NY.

2018 News

12/22: NPR quoted me a bit in this segment on lit mags and the closing of the great Tin House. 

12/04: I have a new short story in the winter issue of The Paris Review.

10/19: A bit of satire about Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” Trump, and centrist punditry at

10/16: A new short story in Washington Square Review: “What the Landlord Knows”

08/08: I wrote about “unlikeable characters” and Ottessa Moshfegh’s new novel for Chicago Review of Books.

08/01: The first pages of Herzog Park Ranger (my graphic-novel-in-progress with John Dermot Woods) are in the new issue of The Believer. (And also up online!)

07/15: My latest story, “The Hair Wall,” up at The Black Warrior Review.

06/05: Tiny Crimes is officially published today!

05/30: A very nice review of Gigantic Worlds at

05/27: The Wigleaf Top 50 short fictions 2018includes my story “Not Courteney Cox” from Jellyfish Review.

05/18: Our new anthology, Tiny Crimes, is out on June 5th! Crime Reads has an excerpt by Amelia Gray up today.

05/17: I interviewed Rita Bullwinkel about her debut collection Belly Up.

04/18: I reviewed Joy Williams’s strange and beautiful The Changeling for BOMB.

04/03: Three “strange” items: I reviewed the remarkable and weird stories of Dino Buzzati at BOMB. At Crime Reads, I discussed some of the strangest crimes in literature. And at GQ I interviewed the directors of the crazy documentary Wild Wild Country.

03/23: My short story “The Island Cat” is in the new issue of LUMINA.

03/02: I interviewed Amelia Gray about being a novelist writing for TV.

02/27: A review of Mary Robison’s great fragment novel Why Did I Ever at BOMB.

01/24: A tribute to the late, great Ursula K. Le Guin at GQ.

01/16: A review of Denis Johnson’s posthumous collection (spoiler alert: it is good!)

01/12: I wrote about the joys of literary remixing for Lit Hub.

2017 Events

11/02 at Housing Works: Reading with James Yeh, Helen Phillips, and more for the TASTE fiction issue launch. New York, NY.

10/18 at Sarah Lawrence University. Craft talk. Bronxville, NY.

09/17 at Brooklyn Book Festival: Discussing David Lynch and fiction with Mark Doten and Alexandra Kleeman. Brooklyn, NY.

08/24 at Books Are Magic: Reading with Chiara Barzini and Amelia Gray. Brooklyn, NY.

06/13 at Community Bookstore: Reading with Henry Hoke and Laura Even Engel. Brooklyn, NY.

05/10: My fiction will be read by actor Bruce Altman at Symphony Space for Selected Shorts.

2017 News

12/13: A new, weird flash fiction piece in Jellyfish Review: “Not Courteney Cox.”

11/24: I wrote about some of my favorite novels that break all the rules.

11/02: I have a mouth-watering science-fiction cannibalism story up in TASTE’s fiction issue.

10/31: I talked to Alexander Chee and stole all of his novel writing secrets for The Fold.

08/25: Mexican crime writer Yuri Herrera is one of my favorite recent discoveries. I profiled his work at Playboy.

07/21: I have a new short story about an aging werewolf at Buzzfeed.

07/09: An interview with Alissa Nutting at Vice.

07/03: A profile of Syrian author Osama Alomar at Vice.

06/18: For Father’s Day, I wrote about the daddest dads in literature for Vice.

05/26: “Denis Johnson Was a Writer for the Weirdos in the World” – I wrote about the passing of Denis Johnson at Playboy.

05/19: I reviewed four new small press story collections for the New York Times.

05/17: I recommend weird books in the style of Twin Peaks over at Vice.

04/24: I interviewed Jeff VanderMeer about his wonderful (and wonderfully weird) new novel Borne at Vice.

2016 Events

11/15 at Southeast Missouri State University: Reading. Cape Girardeau, MO.

06/02 at PEN Live: Prince tribute event with Porochista Khakpour, Elissa Schappell, and James Yeh. Manhattan, NY.

05/20 at Budin: Reading with Tony Tulathimutte, Elissa Schapell, and more. Brooklyn, NY.

05/05 at WORD Bookstore: Reading with Adrian Van Young and Alice Kim. Brooklyn, NY.

04/25 at Manhattanville Reading Series: Reading with Kyle Lucia Wu, Annabel Graham, and Julia Phillips. Brooklyn, NY.

04/09 at LA Times Festival of the Book: “The Art of the Short Story” panel with Jonathan Lethem and Karen Bender, and “Off-Kilter” panel with  Patrick DeWitt and Karl Taro Greenfeld. Los Angeles, CA.

03/30-04/02 at AWPTabling at Electric Literature booth in bookfair, various events. Los Angeles, CA.

03/17 at Virginia Festival of the Book: “Short Stories” panel at New Dominion Bookshop, Charlottesville, VA.

02/25 at Egg: Table of Contents reading with Helen Phillips. Brooklyn, NY.

2016 News

12/21: My short story “Good Boy” is in the new issue of Gulf Coast.

11/27: I have a new short story in Post Road, an homage/sequel to Julio Cortazar titled “Letter to a Young Man in the Ground.”

10/08: Huffington Post includes Upright Beasts in their list of 13 Haunting Books To Read This Fall, If You Dare.

10/04: At BOMB Magazine, Alexandra Kleeman interviewed me about genre, strange influences, and putting the weird in fiction

08/24: Brooklyn Magazine interviewed me for their 100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture series about editing and being “a master of where literary culture and the internet meet.”

07/18: I interviewed one of my favorite writers, Joy Williams, for VICE.

07/06: A very nice and smart review from Kenyon Review for Upright Beasts: “In their omnivorous approach to genre and form, these twenty-four stories testify to literary fiction’s continued shift into the strange.”

07/05: The Colorado Review says Upright Beasts is “a debut whose great strength is a changeability that keeps the pages turning as it veers from lucidity to madness and back again.”

6/30: I wrote three book list essays recently. One on fictional cities in literature at The Towner, one on novels you should read based on your favorite Game of Thrones character at Men’s Journal, and summer reading suggestions at The Thrillest.

5/26: A story from Upright Beasts was chosen for 17 Stellar Short Stories By Contemporary Writers at Huffington Post.

05/17: I wrote about cafe writing and cafe procrastination for Catapult

4/13: I wrote about literary fairy tales and the power of non-realist writing for The Guardian

3/15: The Collagist says Upright Beasts is “a lovely, finally genreless, collection, and one that is sure to continue finding an eager audience.”

3/01: Named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture by Brooklyn Magazine: “Lincoln Michel is a master of where literary culture and the internet meet.”

1/25: An insightful and nice review from Strange Horizons: “If sometimes you sit and think about “The School” by Donald Barthelme and wish more stories were like that, then this is probably the book you’ve been waiting for.

1/05: Roxane Gay says Upright Beasts “reminded me of the absolute wonder great fiction creates”!

2015 News

12/31: I’ve got a new science fiction story about dystopia and Donald Trump up at Vice’s Motherboard.

12/27: Upright Beasts named one of the best literary debuts of 2015 by Buzzfeed Books and new reviews from Entropy Mag and the Minnesota Star Tribune.

12/15: It’s end-of-year list time. So far, Upright Beasts has been named a best book by Buzzfeed, The Fader, and Entropy among some very fine company.

12/14: I talk about Kobo Abe and Italo Calvino at The Millions.

11/30: You can read the archive of my Reddit AMA.

11/13: My list of great genre-bending books for Publisher’s Weekly.

11/12: I wrote about the processes of writing and publishing a collection for Blunderbuss.

11/10: I have an in-depth and wide-ranging interview about genre, diversity, and writing at The Believer Logger.

10/30: A comic strip review of Upright Beasts!

10/28: “Colony” published at The Literary Hub, and a nice review from KGB Bar Lit Journal: “A praiseworthy debut collection. It will haunt you long after the beasts have returned to the shadows.”

10/26: Fiction Advocate has a very nice review that uses the phrase “megadose of bonafide classics” and says the stories “move along with a straightforward feel, until they begin to subtly lop, distort, and shift (think of a Steve Reich tape-loop composition); and the cumulative effect leaves you either heartbroken or cracking with laughter.”

10/26: I have an short story called “Things Left Outside” at Weird Fiction Review, as well as a corresponding interview about writing the weird.

10/19: A nice write-up of my book launch party

10/16: A very generous and genre-focused review at Tor: “To do this once in your life—write a killer short story—is a total miracle. But if you’re some kind deranged monster like Lincoln Michel, you can churn these puppies out in your sleep.”

10/13: Pub day! and I wrote a beastly book list for Lit Hub

10/12: Vanity Fair includes Upright Beasts in October round-up: “The stories are full of monstrous surprises and eerie silences. But who is the real beast? Michel quietly, but unequivocally, leads readers to the answer as he navigates weird tragicomedy of daily life. With zombies.”

10/08: Guernica: Writing In The Bellies Of Beasts: An Interview with Lincoln Michel

10/04: New York Times Sunday Book Review on Upright Beasts: “Weird, darkly funny stories…Michel ably handles modes from lyrical to ironic.”