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New York Times: “Timeless and original…a wild ride, sad and funny, surreal and intelligent.”

Boing Boing: “A modern cyberpunk classic”


The Body Scout is the kind of wild, inventive adventure that I’d been searching for. It scratched a special itch: sly and smart, weird and wonderful, all in one package. A little bit Philip K. Dick, and I detect hints of Julio Cortázar too. Lincoln Michel is a wildly talented author and this novel is something special indeed.” – Victor LaValle

The Body Scout is a fizzy and brilliant confabulation, an anticorporate extrapolative throwdown that is equal parts Pohl-and-Kornbluth and George Saunders, with loads of heart, a skewed and hilarious language all its own, and the audacity to propose that the New York Mets could win a World Series by competent skullduggery. I devoured it.” –Jonathan Lethem

“A weird and hopefully not prescient techno-thriller… one part William Gibson, one part Cory Doctorow… It’s a dizzying world but catnip for cyberpunk fans.” Kirkus

Holy cats, I don’t even know where to start with this amazing book!…This is a wild, inventive sci-fi thriller with a lot of heart and a lot of humor, and it also addresses a lot of philosophical questions about cloning and body modification. Imagine if Mickey Spillane wrote Blade Runner—it’s a lot like that.” – Liberty Hardy at BookRiot

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🌟 from Booklist: “42 authors of both horror and literary fiction surprise, scare, and confound in this outstanding anthology… Highly recommended for all fiction collections.”

🌟 from PW: “Masterful . . . This carefully crafted and genuinely scary collection is sure to impress.”

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Upright Beasts, Coffee House Press 2015