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New York Times: “Timeless and original…a wild ride, sad and funny, surreal and intelligent.”

Boing Boing: “A modern cyberpunk classic.”

EsquireOne of the 50 best science fiction novels of all time


The Body Scout is the kind of wild, inventive adventure that I’d been searching for. It scratched a special itch: sly and smart, weird and wonderful, all in one package. A little bit Philip K. Dick, and I detect hints of Julio Cortázar too. Lincoln Michel is a wildly talented author and this novel is something special indeed.” – Victor LaValle

The Body Scout is a fizzy and brilliant confabulation, an anticorporate extrapolative throwdown that is equal parts Pohl-and-Kornbluth and George Saunders, with loads of heart, a skewed and hilarious language all its own, and the audacity to propose that the New York Mets could win a World Series by competent skullduggery. I devoured it.” –Jonathan Lethem

“A weird and hopefully not prescient techno-thriller… one part William Gibson, one part Cory Doctorow… It’s a dizzying world but catnip for cyberpunk fans.” Kirkus

Holy cats, I don’t even know where to start with this amazing book!…This is a wild, inventive sci-fi thriller with a lot of heart and a lot of humor, and it also addresses a lot of philosophical questions about cloning and body modification. Imagine if Mickey Spillane wrote Blade Runner—it’s a lot like that.” – Liberty Hardy at BookRiot

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🌟 from Booklist: “42 authors of both horror and literary fiction surprise, scare, and confound in this outstanding anthology… Highly recommended for all fiction collections.”

🌟 from PW: “Masterful . . . This carefully crafted and genuinely scary collection is sure to impress.”

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Upright Beasts, Coffee House Press 2015