Gigantic Worlds, Gigantic Books 2015

 An anthology of science flash fiction stories co-edited by Lincoln Michel and Nadxieli Nieto. 51 science flash fiction stories from 51 authors that will transport you to other worlds. Over 250 pages of robot rebellions, alien pornography, high society cyborgs, orgasmic planets, space-time disruptions, and futures both likely and unlikely. New or previously uncollected work from Jonathan Lethem, Lynne Tillman, Charles Yu, Alissa Nutting, Ted Chiang, and many more. Hardcover with color interior art and a cover by Michael DeForge.


Gigantic Worlds is one of the most varied SFF collections I’ve ever read. By organizing itself around flash pieces in particular, it shows the genre’s remarkable depth and breadth, in tiny refractions, allowing the reader to observe a landscape through tiny, kaleidoscopic pinpricks. It gives its reader fifty-one visions of the future that range from utopia to nightmare, and reminded me just how many stories can unfold when you start with the premise that anything is possible.

– review

Read an excerpt from Charles Yu at Vice​”Re: re: re: re: re: Microwave in the break room doing weird things to fabric of spacetime